Brake Services - Disc, Drum & Anti-lock

Brake ServiceNavarre Auto Repair is the Navarre Areas only shop that turns and resurfaces rotors and drums in house.  We only use the best brake pads and offer a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all installed brake pads.

Our ASE Certified Technicians are experts at diagnosing brake issues and bringing your vehicle back to factory specifications.

Included with Navarre Auto Repairs Standard Brake Service to bring your vehicle back to factory specifications:

  • Inspection of all brake components prior to beginning service and reporting any issues to you before we start your repairs.
  • Turn rotors/drums or replace if to worn to repair.Click Here to read our Lifetime Replacement Warranty on Brake Pads, Shocks & Struts
  • Replace brake pads and/or shoes.
  • Grease Wheel Bearings
  • Inspect/Adjust Calipers
  • Inspect all hoses, lines, connections and your master cylinder.
  • Inspect/Adjust parking brake.
  • Flush & Replace Brake Fluid
  • Bleed & Adjust Brakes
  • Road Test for Safety

Signs that you may be having brake issues:

  1. You hear a grinding sound when applying your brakes?
  2. Your brake pedal feels spongy or reaches all the way down to the floorboard when you apply the brakes?
  3. Your car shakes or your steering wheel vibrates when you are stopping.
  4. You press on the brake pedal and your car does not stop!

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you need to schedule an appointment and have your brakes checked immediately.