FREE Battery / Charging System Testing

Navarre Auto Repair offers FREE battery and charging system testing with a scheduled appointment. If you are having issues with dead batteries, dimming head lights, starters not starting or any electrical issue, schedule an appointment to have one our ASE Certified Technicians run electrical system tests on your vehicle.

We will let you know exactly what is wrong and how much to fix it.

Navarre Auto Repair stocks and installs Duracell Batteries with a 4 Year FREE Replacement Warranty.

Duracell is American Made and is the Ultimate line of Advanced Generation batteries is built with the powerful maintenance-free design, ultra-premium performance, and all weather starting protection that discriminating drivers don’t just want – they demand for their vehicles.

We stock batteries for all your vehicles including:  Car & Truck Batteries, Marine & Personal Watercraft Batteries, ATV , Motorcycle, Golf Cart  and Lawn Mower Batteries.

Whether your battery keeps dying or your windows won’t go down, even if your radio shuts off when you go over big bumps…Navarre Auto Repair is equipped to tackle your electrical problems and get you back down the road safely and securely.

Charging system services:

  • Alternator voltage output test
  • Alternator replacement
  • Alternator wires and connections
  • Alternator drive belt
  • Voltage regulator

Starting system services:

  • Starter motor performance
  • Starter replacement
  • Starter wires and connections
  • Starter relay or solenoid
  • Ignition switch

Other types of electrical services:

  • Headlights & Brake Lights
  • Turn signals
  • Horn
  • Interior Wiring / Lights
  • Relays
  • Buld Replacement
  • Switches / Fuses
  • Radio / Navigation Shorts
  • Engine Control Module
  • Power windows & locks