Car Inspection 2

Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection w/ FREE CARFAX $99.95

Purchasing a used car can be stressful…sometimes you just can’t tell if it is a good one or a lemon.  Know before you buy with our Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection.  We will inspect all major components of your vehicle including a test drive and give you a full report plus a FREE CARFAX with any reported maintenance history, previous owners and accidents, title issues and manufacturer recalls all for only $99.95.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection from Navarre Auto Repair, $99.95, Peace of mind, negotiating power and knowing when to say No, Priceless!

Call (850) 939-3939 to schedule your pre-purchase inspection…you’ll be glad you did!

We do not offer any warranty or guarantee on any car we inspect.  Not all issues will be uncovered during inspection.