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Navarre Auto Repair is Currently Rated 4.8 out of 5 (61 Reviews) on Google,  5 out of 5  stars on Facebook (35 Reviews) A-Rated on Angie’s List &  4.8-Stars (11 Reviews) on Yelp.

Recent Customer Reviews

Date of Service: August 9, 2016

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: Will and his team are the best around. They were able to get me in and out quickly for some AC work. Fair prices and honest ethics. Will be a lifetime patron.Jason B.Google

Date of Service: August 8, 2016

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: Listen everyone that doesn’t have a giant “piggy bank”. I have been a customer of Navarre Auto Repair for many, many years. I’ve posted many positive memories. So let me just say this one last time! If you have or even if you think you have car mechanical problems do your wallet & your peace of mind a favor and go and speak to my friend Will Goulet (owner) at NAVARRE AUTO REPAIR.Tom PreeceGoogle

Date of Service: August 1, 2016

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: I would like everyone to know Will and his crew do an outstanding job, and not over priced. I had a bad noise in the front end of my 04 sports trac, Will and his team replace the parts that needed to be done and it now drives like a new truck. He also told me about other things that need to be fixed but could wait. He has worked on all my families cars and has always been the best service.Paul McCorkleFacebook

Date of Service: July 15,2016

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: I have three vehicles (BMW, Jaguar and RV Class A) and I will only bring them to Navarre Auto Repair. You come across a merchant of this quality only a handful of times in a lifetime. Their service is quick, thorough, friendly and never fails to be LESS than what I thought it was going to be. In a world where customer service has been abandoned, where owners are never on the premises and where businesses overcharge for sloppy work, Navarre Auto Repair is an oasis of old fashioned integrity. I cannot praise their work too highly.Lou ParavateGoogle

Date of Service: June 28, 2016

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: Asked around for a local shop to do some work to my truck that I just didn’t feel like doing in my driveway and this place had a great following so I tried them out. Went and talked to Will and got an estimate for new shocks/struts, replace a starter, replace a bad cv axle, replace a wheel bearing, rotate tires, and service both differentials and transfer case. Not only was it less than I expected, it was less than quoted (in fact, he quoted me the wrong price on the shocks and struts and he stuck to his quote even though they cost almost twice as much) the work was done in one day, as promised and everything seems to be first class. I have always done work myself and this is the first shop I have ever dealt with, but from what I saw, these folks have to be in the top percentile.Chris GunterGoogle Review

Date of Service: April 25, 2016

Rating: 5-Star Excellent

Customer Review: Always a pleasure bringing my vehicle in. Great staff and excellent customer service. Thanks for taking care of my carAshley SmithGoogle Review

Date of Service: April 20, 2016

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: A++++++ Honest mechanics, fast, awesome, I only take my car here Will is the manJustin ZielinskiGoogle Review

Date of Service: April 15, 2016

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: The guys are Navarre Auto Repair are awesome! I needed to get new tires for my Nissan Armada. After calling a few places I talked to these guys. They treated me like a person, explained the differences between the tires and helped me make the best decision for my vehicle. I would definitely tell people to stop here! I will continue to drive from Milton to Navarre Auto Repair for my automotive needs.Stephanie DodsonGoogle Review

Date of Service: April 10, 2016

Rating: 5-Star Excellent

Customer Review: Just relocated to the area and could not find an honest auto repair shop. After 2 other places first, including local dealership, and over $700 in repairing things that I had already done, I finally had my vehicle fixed with Navarre Auto. They actually will listen to what is going on and be straight up with you. Pricing is more than fair. I had also had tires replaced. They were actually several $100 cheaper than big-chain tire dealer. They also impressed me with their attention to detail. They have definitely earned my future business.Mike CantrellGoogle Review

Date of Service: April 7, 2016

Rating: 5 – Star Excellent

Customer Review: I wouldn’t even consider taking my vehicles anywhere else. Will and his crew are always fast and helpful, and repairs are done right. And the best part? They’re honest!Sherry LewisFacebook Review

Date of Service: March 27, 2016

Rating: 5-Star Excellent

Customer Review: I’ve gotta say, over the years I’ve had several alignments on various cars and trucks. Will and the guys at Navarre Auto Repair are the best! They took care of my very poorly handling truck and now it handles great! Excellent customer service and workmanship! Thanks a million for a job WELL DONE!Charles OliveFacebook Review

Date of Service: March 22, 2016

Rating: 5-Star Excellent

Customer Review: Honest and professional mechanics here! They were able to work with my time limit since I was road tripping back to Philadelphia PA the next morning. They fixed up what the last guy did wrong on my tires and really cut me a break on it. They were friendly, efficient and seemed reliable. Everything that makes for a good mechanic, great place.Rebecca HatalaGoogle Review

Date of Service: March 8, 2016

Rating: 5-Star Excellent

Customer Review: We have had our Honda Odyssey for 8 years and we have never been able to find a place to do the alignment right until we came to Navarre Auto. They have consistently provided honest accurate and reliable service. We only trust them from all our service needs!Christy K.Yelp Review

Date of Service:  Jan 23, 2016

Services Provided:  Maintenance

Customer Rating:  5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: Will went out of his way to get my vehicle in and fixed quickly! Very honest and upfront pricing…I will continue taking all of my vehicle maintenance needs here! Thank you.Jason McCawleyFacebook Review

Date of Service:  Jan 15, 2016

Services Provided:  Tires & Repairs

Customer Rating:  5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review:  My wife decided to get a second opinion with Navarre Auto repair after visiting another are repair shop.  They completed the oil change, prior to working on our son’s tires, they showed my wife all sorts of problems with our son’s vehicle. They informed my wife our son needed 4 new tires due to the back tires being unbalanced. Also, his ABS sensors needed to be replaced, Ball joints needed to be replaced, battery needed replacement, half shaft was leaking and we needed an alignment. Altogether with parts, labor, supplies and tax would cost us over $1300. Luckily my wife was able to get an appointment for a second opinion with Navarre Auto Repair and requested a full diagnostic test. Will confirmed the ABS Sensors needed to be replaced, we needed a transmission mount and the Half shaft was leaking. However, the ball joints were fine and the battery was strong.  We are so glad we got a second opinion with Navarre Auto Repair because it saved us over $500 and we had the alignment done for free with the purchase of 4 tires.  Overall, we are very pleased with Will and his mechanics in Navarre Auto Repair because they are honest guys. Would definitely recommend them and come back.Calimlim DavisGoogle Review

Date of Service:  Dec 14, 2015

Services Provided:  Tire Repair

Customer Rating:  5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review:  My sister was visiting from Mississippi and had problems with a tire. They not only repaired it but also helped her figure out an issue with remote start. These guys are the best. Bar none.Romi WhiteGoogle Review

Date of Service: Dec 3, 2015

Services Provided: Transmission Repair

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: Fantastic!!!!! I cannot recommend them highly enough. We were on vacation and had a transmission issue. They took care of us right away and got us on the road again. Very open and honest about what needed to be done. Great shop!!!!!Chistina H.Yelp

Date of Service:  11/18/2015

Services Performed:  Safety Check

Customer Rating:  5-Star Excellent

Customer Comments:  I just want to say thank you for all your help checking my daughter Arielle’s car yesterday. I appreciate it so very much. She said she gave the technician a big hug when he told her the car was fine. She has finally found a trusted auto repair shop to use and I feel so much better! Thank you again and again!Elisa MackendreeCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: Oct 25, 2015

Services Provided: Trailer Repair

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: I had a problem with my trailer and the owner fixed it in less than 10 minutes on a busy day. I was leaving for a long trip and my safety was important and the customer service was amazing!! Perfect price, perfect service, can’t get any better than that! William Goulet is a rock star!Jonathon B.Yelp

Date of Service:  Oct 13, 2015

Services Provided:  Engine Trouble

Customer Rating:  5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: In from out of town and had issues with our van. Went there to have them look at it. Listened very intently and asked a lot of questions. Figured out it was under warranty and suggested we go there. Was so helpful and really nice to have him be honest.Madd AbeGoogle Review

Date of Service: 09/24/15

List Services/Repairs Performed: U-joint

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: You guys are awesome!  I can not begin to express my appreciation of Will and his crew at NAVARRE AUTO REPAIR. I was visiting the area in support of the Blackhawk Memorial and was blessed to have a referral to NAR. Their honesty, promptness, friendliness, price…I could go on and on…. but mainly a huge SHOUT OUT to each of you! Experience was ABOVE 5 Star.Sara StrotherCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: Sep 16, 2015

Services Provided: Service & Maintenance

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review: Outstanding customer service! Brought my vehicle in without an appointment to have several items addressed. Not only did they get to my vehicle that day to give me an estimate, but they told me that a couple of the services I had requested were absolutely not needed and one of them could be put off for a while. Quoted price was extremely fair, the work was done much faster than I had expected and my vehicle was ready to go the next day.
It was very surprising and refreshing to find a local mechanic that is knowledgeable, honest, fairly priced and does quality work. I was impressed with the excellent service I received and will most definitely be using Navarre Auto Repair for any future auto repairs I need.Tom BurmanFacebook Review

Date of Service: September 1st, 2015

Customer Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Customer Testimonial:  Amazing customer service!!! Immediately assisted me and made me very comfortable with the entire experience. Excellent service and pricing. Would recommend to anyone.Racha E.Yelp Review

Date of Service:  August 15, 2015

Customer Review:  Love my first experience at Navarre Auto!!!!! Joni was very gracious and welcoming and Will is outstanding; after he finished working on my car he brought me out to show go over a few things that would need work in the future. However, he did not try to force me to do it then. I really enjoyed my experience at Navarre Auto and will definitely bring all of my cars there from now on.Blaise RohanGoogle Customer Review

Date of Service: 08/17/15

List Services/Repairs Performed: Tire rotation and A/C performance check and recharge.

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Customer Testimonial:  I wish more shops ran their business like this, Will and the crew were great. We are vacationing and visiting from CA. and needed the tires rotated and check the A/C. Work was completed in little over an hour. Thank you NAVARRE AUTO REPAIR.Tom CabreraCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 6/10/15

List Services/Repairs Performed: Battery service

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Thanks to Navarre Auto Repair – Guaranteed Lowest Tire Prices​ My wifes car would not start had it towed down to the only place in town that I knew would not over charge me!!! They ran all the test on the car and said it was the battery I needed. Most garages would try to charge you for a alternator or starter !!!! Not here very honest and great prices!! Thanks Navarre Auto Repair !!!!!DougCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: June 2015

Customer Testimonial: Went to Navarre Beach for vacation. Had a wandering problem with my 2001 Diesel Excursion 4×4. The truck is big and it was all over the road – dangerous. Guys picked me up at my condo, did the work, then picked me up agian…no time missed with family on vacation. Truck needed wheel bearing and alignment. They also diagnosed a sloppy and worn steering gearbox. I am replacing the gearbox at home. Thanks for the good work and the reasonable prices. They are not the cheapest, but work was done well and they were honest with me. Can’t ask for more.Nathan JarboeGoogle

Date of Service: 5/20/2015

List Services/Repairs Performed: a/c repair

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Brought my Chevy S-10 Exreme in for a/c blowing warm air. Will and his crew checked the system for leaks and other problems. Left with just a freon recharge needed. Price was great and the honesty of only fixing the problem and not finding things that were not there was phenomenal! Having 4 vehicles, now I have found the place to go in Navarre. Thanks to the great crew at Navarre Auto Repair!Richard CarrawayCustomer Testimonial

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Review: Hey – I wanted to let you all know that the brake job on my truck is great – it is running great – no vibration – you guys are great! Really great! Oh what a feeling Toyota! Yeah! Whooooohooo!Jeff RobersonCustomer Testimonial

Rating: 5-stars Excellent

Testimonial: I’m here on vacation and stopped in with a flat tire, they patched no charge it right away and everyone was super nice to us. We even got great restaurant recommendations! Highly recommend!Kinsey B.Yelp Review April 2015

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Review: Will has been working on my car for years!!! He has kept my 98 Camry in tip top shape all these years!Ashley Brasfield KegleyFacebook Review

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Testimonial: hanks to everyone at Navarre auto repair for getting us back on the road! Wasn’t going to be able to make it to Disney. But the crew at navarre auto got us on the road in no time! Thanks again!Jacob WaldhourFacebook Review

Date of Service: 2/13/15
Services/Repairs Performed: Diagnostic check
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Please Tell Us How We Did: Will and his crew are fantastic. They took the time to thoroughly check over my car. I will definitely go back to them in the future and highly recommend them.NicoleCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 1/12/15
List Services/Repairs Performed: Control Arm bushings and alignment
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Please Tell Us How We Did: Brought my BMW in after hitting a pot hole. After diagnosis, found the control arm bushings were broken, and it was unsafe to drive. I was very upset since I needed my car for work, so Will assured me that I would get it back that evening repaired.

Adam, the technician was very knowledgeable about the problem, and sure enough it was fixed in a timely manner. They went out of their way to be courteous, honest, and dependable.

After moving to Navarre, I had not found an honest, professional auto repair that I trusted with my BMW, and now I will be a loyal customer.

Thank you, everyone at Navarre Auto Repair for taking care of me!MaragaretCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: Dec. 22, 2014
Services/Repairs Performed: Attended to severely bent rim, affected tire, rotation from front to back
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Please Tell Us How We Did: Wow. When in a desperate situation…looks like we found the PERFECT business to help us. I was visiting family in Navarre and hit a ‘lovely’ little concrete median that was between my lane and the turn lane (Huh?) We don’t have those where I live.

Anyhoo — Will just took the BEST care of us. He immediately had someone drive the car around to get a handle on what was happening with the nearly flat tire, bent rim, and who knows what else. We truly needed to head for home in another state ASAP, and I honestly thought I’d have to spend a day or so more in Navarre. Not the case. Will and his staff were sooooo kind and helpful to run all the diagnostics & fix my problems so I was able to get my family home in time for Christmas.

We all talked about how wonderful Navarre Auto Repair is to have gone above and beyond for folks passing through the area. Will and his staff made a lasting impression on all of us. I’m delighted to highly recommend them to anyone needing quality customer service and accurate results.Vicki L.Customer Testimonial

Date of Service: 12/8/14
List Services/Repairs Performed: Battery diagnostic
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Customer Testimonial: I left my car at the airport while out of town for two weeks. Came back to find it needed a jump. Tow company got it started and recommended having the battery checked the next day. Found that Navarre Auto Repair was nearby. Called them and they worked with me on a time I could bring the car in. It only took about 5 minutes (less) for them to check me in, do the diagnostic, let me know the results, and have the car ready when it was done. All of this while they had other customers and cars they were working on. The battery was good as expected, just had to be sure for my peace of mind. Also, they did the diagnostic and showed me the results, that was it. They didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need, etc., they just did exactly what I asked them to do. The staff here was professional, courteous and friendly. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs auto service and won’t hesitate to contact them whenever I have concerns with my vehicle. Thanks Navarre Auto Repair!MikeCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 11/17/2014
List Services/Repairs Performed: Checked alignmet and rotated tires
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Customer Review: This is a great repair shop located in the heart of Navarre. The front end was checked by Chris and he came out and explained the settings. Turned out alignment was not needed but by rotating the tires the slight pull I had been having was gone. Highly recommend this shop for quality work with honest pricing.Gerald BrocatoCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 11/16/2014
List Services/Repairs Performed: Restored proper air pressure in tires
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Customer Review: Just another reason I have taken our cars to Will for several years. My warning light came on to tell me I had a low tire, and I couldn’t find the problem or tire in question. A quick trip to Will’s shop, and they immediately checked it out, brought the pressure up to normal, and attributed it to the sudden drop in temperature. The fee: nada. Thanks, Will and all.John HurdCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: November 2014

Customer Rating: 5-Stars

Customer Review: We have used Navarre Auto for all our car needs with much satisfaction. We stopped in last week because my daughter’s tire was losing air, Will told us that he would take care of it that day, I wasn’t expecting them to do it so fast as they are always packed with cars to repair. We appreciated the fast service and he had the tire ordered and on the next day. He plugged it that day until the tire came in. They really are the lowest price on tires as advertised, we have never paid that low for a quality tire in the past. Give your business to them, you won’t be sorry, they take care of your car like it is their own! Will and the guys that work there are always ready and willing to help solve the problems you may be having! I am glad they are in my hometown!Nancy C.Yelp

Date of Service: 10/23/14
List Services/Repairs Performed: Various
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Customer Review: This morning it was a tire change, but this shop has been working on our vehicles for almost 3 years. From our BMW, a Wave Runner and now our newest project “the Jeep”. Work is always done as agreed and at a fair price. Our relationship started from their kindness to my son when he was visiting the beach 3 years ago and his vehicle broke down. They were there when they needed help, going above and beyond what was expected, and have proven their professionalism and abilities many times since then. Thanks!Judy MoreheadCustomer Testimonial

Date of Servic: September 2014

Customer Review: Absolutely outstanding customer service and extremely skilled mechanics. The only place to take your car in Navarre!Helen GoreGoogle

Date of Service: August 2014
List Services/Repairs Performed: Lawn tractor tire
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Customer Review: Local resident, with small town problem in rolling my lawn rider tire… needed help that day. Upon arriving, the owner greet me with with a handshake, “what ya got there ?” he ask… and in a minutes time, before I could get to my pocket to pay, he simply look for another handshake… “have a good day, buddy” he smiled.Danny C.Customer Testimonial

Date of Service: August 2014

Customer Review: So Will and this shop do things the way they should be done.. thanks Will. You will be seeing me again should the need arise… A great local companyBryan TenaGoogle

Date of Service: July 2014

Customer Testimonial: I needed some work done on my brakes burn to only did they fix them, they fixed my back brake light as well! Great place and thank you guys!Lindsey CarpenterGoogle

Date of Service: July 2014

Customer Review: Well the many reviewers before me were not wrong. This is the best auto repair shop anywhere. Recently moved to town and my truck was making a funny noise. Thought the worst, did my google search, saw all the great reviews and made a call. Ended up that my front wheel bearings were going out and my front brakes were worn to the metal. These guys set me up and took great care of me and then knocked 10% off because my wife is the military. I didn’t even ask for it, I just mentioned that I moved down here for my wife and when I got my bill, it had 10% off. Couldn’t ask for more than that from any company. These guys are great!Steve S.Google

Date of Service: July 2014

Customer Review: Will has never failed to come through. I’ve taken all my vehicles to him for routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs. His courteous office manager works very well with us. Recently I had taken in my truck for squeaky brakes. When unforeseen repairs exceeded my written estimate, Will was quick to call and inform me of my needed repairs. I was able to make an informed decision and not be hit blindsided by an unexpected bill. I feel my vehicle is secure when I must leave it on his lot overnight too. I’m very glad Navarre Auto Repair is in business.Byran RobertsGoogle

Date of Service: June 2014

Customer Review: I have been taking my family’s vehicles to Navarre Auto Repair for a couple of years and have always been happy with their service and prices. I recently purchased my first set of tires and WOW, did I save money. The dealership wanted $1,500 for the new tires and they said I need another $800 in service work to fix the pull to the right. Navarre Auto Repair save me $500 on the tires and then did a FREE alignment and my car drives just like new. No extra repair costs or overpriced tires with these guys. Hands down the most honest repair shop I’ve ever experienced and the lowest priced tires for 50 miles! Thanks guys!Ed CarpenterGoogle

Date of Service: 6/4/2014

List Services/Repairs Performed: Repair A/C

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: In town for vacation. A/C went out, hole in the condenser. Made me an appt. next day, drove me to and from vacation condo, and got it all done same day. Professional service, clean shop and price seemed very fair.Steve Z.Customer Testimonial

Date of Service: 06/02/14

List Services/Repairs Performed: Repair flat tire, I have also had many services in the past done with Navarre Auto

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: This is a auto shop you can definitely trust, I have free oil changes on my brand new Nissan through Nissan dealership, instead I choose to come her for my oil changes instead, I know they will do them right and find anything that may be wrong with the car, we have had my daughter’s car in her many times, brake job, alignment and oil changes, they do an awesome job and treat us like people. I will always come here to get any work done.NancyCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: May 20, 2014

Services Performed: New Tires

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Comments: Oustanding deals on tires. This is the second set of four Iäve gotten from Will and his crew. We are covered for 60-80K miles on top quality tires with free flat fixing for the lifetime of the tires.Cecilia G.Google Review

Date of Service: April 24, 2014

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments: Went to multiple mechanics to have them fix my a/c and still no a/c..Will and his staff fix it in no time …I now bring my car there for its every need and highly recommend them. They are reliable, dependable and trustworthy. The staff is friendly and great. I trust no other mechanic shop.Jessica DubecFacebook

Date of Service: April 21, 2014

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments: Hands down best customer service in town, I bring all my cars to navarre auto repair the awesome staff does a great job of fixing and keeping my cars going. Highly recommended if you are looking great prices and a team you can trust Terence MireFacebook

Date of Service: 04/20/2014

List Services/Repairs Performed: Brakes/AC

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Ive gone multiple times to Navarre auto repair because of their friendly service and great repairs! There was even a time they fixed my AC at no cost, I was wondering why it was blowing hot air and they changed it out without a extra charge. I have to say this is the best place to bring your vehicles 🙂 Hands down 5/5 stars.AmberCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 4/18/2014

List Services/Repairs Performed: 4 wheel alignment

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: First time using Navarre Auto Repair and I will be returning. Very satisfied customer, I got a 4 wheel alignment and some estimates for some more work needed. Met the owner Will who is very professional and courteous. I’m glad their is a local honest repair service in Navarre. Thank you!!Mark KelleyCustomer Website Testimonial

Date of Service: April 18, 2014

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments:The best place for all your car needs. Purchased 4 new tires and got the best price in the area. Staff was very helpful and made sure I go the right tire for my vehicle s use. I would send anyone here and know they would get taken care of the right way!Carl DodsonGoogle Review

Date of Service: March 27, 2014

List Services/Repairs Performed: Radiator and hoses replaced. Troubleshoot ignition system.

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: This is the only shop I will take my vehicle to have it worked on. These guys are honest and do great work. I recommend them to anyone that needs auto repairs.David JacksonCustomer Website Testimonial

Date of Service: 03/20/2014

List Services/Repairs Performed: Exhaust Leak

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: You guys are the greatest. I went in with an exhaust leak. They tested and found the problem to be a warranty covered issue. I would never have thought that the exhaust would be covered, but because of this particular issue, it is. I was thrilled. Thanks for the great and honest work. I will definitely be back.Norm CrowderCustomer Website Testimonial

Date of Service:  Feb 2014

Rating:  5-Stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments:  Navarre Auto Repair has always provided me with excellent service & they have always been reliable. The office manager, Joni Foy, is awesome and she takes great care of her customers. I would never refer friends or family to a place I didn’t trust 100%, but I proudly refer Navarre Auto Repair.Donna LupolaGoogle Review – Feb 2014

Date of Service: February 10, 2014

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments:I am new to the area having only lived here about a year, i had a few bad experiences at a local dealership and wanted to find a regular mechanic. i chose navarre auto because of the reviews, i will stay because they are awesome! i am a disabled vet on a fixed income and was extremely worried when my car started making a strange noise from the steering colum. they were honest and told me it was an annoying thing but not a safety issue or not going to cause me any problems driving. i know the dealership would have replaced the thing i sent to be checked and charged me the labor anyways but they did NOT. i am extremely appreciative of the honesty here. i will for sure be getting all my service done at navarre auto! thanks guysMelissa B.Yelp Review

Date of Service:  Feb 2014

Rating:  5-Stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments:  I am new to the area having only lived here about a year, i had a few bad experiences at a local dealership  and wanted to find a regular mechanic. i chose navarre auto because of the reviews, i will stay because they are awesome! i am a disabled vet on a fixed income and was extremely worried when my car started making a strange noise from the steering colum. they were honest and told me it was an annoying thing but not a safety issue or not going to cause me any problems driving. i know the dealership would have replaced the thing i sent to be checked and charged me the labor anyways but they did NOT. i am extremely appreciative of the honesty here. i will for sure be getting all my service done at navarre auto! thanks guys.Melissa B. from Gulf Breeze, FLYelp Review – Feb 2014

Date of Service:   Multiple visits

List Services/Repairs Performed:    Multiple services/repairs

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Great customer service! Great Staff!  I am honored to be a customer. The repair service is wonderful. Their prices are economical. I am always scheduled in a timely manner. They are truly a trustworthy and dependable business; and focus on giving their customers the best service. I highly recommend them to anyone who desires a great service at a fair price.Anita KirkCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: Several Visits in 2013

List Services/Repairs Performed:    Tires, check up, oil changes, general repairs

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Excellent. Navarre Auto Repair makes living in Navarre a Better Place. A family Place.  If you want personal “care” go to 1942 Hwy 87 South.

Beverly LowerCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 12/26/13

List Services/Repairs Performed: Replaced radiator, spark plugs and battery

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  I called Will about my radiator on Monday before Christmas. He told me to have it there Wednesday, Christmas Eve to diagnose it and he assured me he would have the parts and have it repaired by Thursday,the day after Christmas. Will and his team stayed late to complete the repairs and i picked my car up as promised. I have told family and friends what i paid and they all agreed it was less than what they thought it would have been. I recommend Will and Navarre Auto to anyone looking for an honest machanic who will tell you like it is, nothing more, nothing less, everytime. Thanks, Will!Steve HenryCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service:   12/17/13

List Services/Repairs Performed:    Engine light repair, oil change

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Honest, excellent work and my bill was lower than my estimate…….that’s never happened before!  Great people that care are hard to find these days, they treat people like valued clients and not ATMs.Mathew RousseauCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: multiple

List Services/Repairs Performed: multiple

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Navarre Auto Repair never misses a beat. I travel from Milton to get my vehicles worked on because Navarre Auto Repair is my go to company. From my GMC van, an 03 BMW wagon, and an 08 Mini. Can’t do it any better then you will find here!!Ivan DelabruereCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 11/27/2014

List Services/Repairs Performed: Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil Change

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Great service as always. Good work and honest people. Highly recommend Navarre Auto Repair to anyone.Cliff HumphreysCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 11-26-13

List Services/Repairs Performed: Set of new tires and alignment

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: First time customer. I don’t do reviews but the customer service and work completed were great! If you don’t check them out before having work done on your vehicle you may be missing a deal. Saved over $300 vs another dealer’s quote! Thanks Will and Joni.RobertCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 11/15/2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: brakes, tires engine noise

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Excellent..After being a Journeyman mechanic for 5 years, I know a great and fair shop when I find one. Will is the only one I will take my families cars to. Plus I always tell my staff to do the same. So you know he is good. I wouldn’t want my staff coming back to me about bad service. I already have enough stress.:)Ed CarpenterCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service:   11/14/2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Tire Change

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Always great service! Can’t thank you guys enough for always making sure we are taken care if and FAST!!!Nicole LangsonCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: November 8, 2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: New tires & 4 wheel alignment

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please tell us how we did: Great work, honest and fast! Got new tires and a four wheel alignment at an awesome price. Car drives like new now.Daniel AbeGoogle Review

Date of Service:  November 8, 2013

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Services Performed:  Installed aftermarket cruise control

Tell us how we did:  I had a after market cruise control kit installed in my 2012 Accent. I dropped it off at 830 and by 2 they called and let me know it was ready to be picked up. The service and price was the best around. This is not the first time I used them and wont be the last. Great service and even better prices. Thanks Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Doug KennedyGoogle Review

Date of Service: 11-7-13

List Services/Repairs Performed: No work was needed

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Had to take my car to a Ford Dealer for a recall. The dealership did the recall work, then presented me with a list of work that needed to be “done immediately”. I called Will and he suggested that I bring the list and the car to him- end result, no work needed to be done. Highly recommend Navarre Auto Repair!Katherine KilpatrickCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service:   October 14, 2013

List Services/Repairs Performed:    Oil and filters changed

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  I was traveling and needed some service done.  The owner not only did a great job on my vehicle, he also found my cousin I had not seen for 20 years, who was also his customer.  The receptionist was also a delight.  I will return when I am in the area!LoriCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: 10-11-13

List Services/Repairs Performed: Oil Change and Tire rotation

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Very quick and friendly service Went in and got out in under 1 hour great service and great prices !!! Thanks Navarre Auto RepairDoug KennedyCustomer Testimonial – October 2013

Date of Service: October 5, 2013

Rating: 5-stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments: honest, fair, accommodating and knowledgeable….highly recommend!!!Claire FoltzGoogle Review – October 2013

Date of Service: 10/4/13

List Services/Repairs Performed: New tires and alignment

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Excellent staff, great work, trustworthy!!!!  Thanks for taking such good care of me!!!!ChristinaCustomer Review – October 2013

Date of Service:  September 2013

Rating:  5-Stars Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments: Outstanding. Probably the best car repair place in the panhandle. Don’t bother going to the other non-chain places in town – your car will be there for days and you’ll be disappointed. Go see Will at Navarre Auto.Philip MucciGoogle Review – September 2013

Date of Service: 9/12/13

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comment: EXTREMELY SATISFIED!!!! I drove up to Navarre for work and I got stuck in a pinch!! My right front tire was getting ready to pop on me And instead of taking advantage of my bad situation they helped me out!! I told them I had a 7 hour drive ahead of me and my tire was no good! This place was slammed busy and he got me 2 brand new tired installed and out of there in 30 min!! The guys and they’re really good guys!!!Mitesh C. from Orlando FLYelp Review – Sept. 12th, 2013

Date of Service: September 10, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Services Performed/Customer Comments: I bought a brand new set of tires from Navarre Goodyear on hwy 87. After getting the truck back I noticed a BIG vibration so I took the truck back to them to have it looked at. After two days and several miss diagnosis I was told that ALL 4 of my rims were bent….really?? This morning I was able to take my truck to Navarre Auto Repair where Will took 45 min to put the truck in the air, rebalance the tires (on the same machine the Goodyear tech was trained on) and I drove it out of the shop. The truck now drives like it did the day I bought it. Thanks to Will and his crew!Chris LeggGoogle Review – Sept. 10th, 2013

Date of Service: 8-31-2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Fixed Headlights

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  I needed some quisk service and as usual They made time for me in an instant!!  Thanks Will your the greatest.Bob ParkerCustomer Review August 31, 2013

Date of Service:  August 2013

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Customer Comments:  You guys were awesome! Weekend holiday and you guys had us in an out within an hour once the parts arrived. Five stars. God’s mighty blessing to you as you guys were a blessing to us.Gary WattsCustomer Review August 2013

Date of Service: 8-30-2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Leaking radiator fluid on accord/ Replaced hose flushed coolant system and cleaned throttle linkage

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Navarre Auto Repairs (Will) has repaired 02 Accord before and has always made solid estimates and then stood behind them when anything extra was needed to do the job correctly. He has performed the work and my estimate price stayed the same. Few businesses stand behind their spoken word these days. He also fixed my 04 Silverado 4×4 and did a fine job of making sure the correct part was replaced. Will did not charge for the work that he went through to find the bad part. They have my patronage for all my vehicles.IvanCustomer Review August 30, 2013

Date of Service:   8/23/2013

List Services/Repairs Performed:  Coolant leak and needed new radiator

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Excellent customer service. Did not feel taken advantage of. Treated with respect and was given clear explanation of what was needed and why with excellent price. Would recommend family, friends and women to this repair shop.Theresa FlemingCustomer Review August 23, 2013

Date of Service: 8/20/2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Light Maintenance

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: I went to Navarre Auto Repair while I was in town to have a routine oil change and tire rotation. I also had an issue with a headlight that previous mechanics told me they couldn’t fix. Navarre Auto Repair not only figured out what was wrong, but didn’t even charge me for it! 5 stars from a very happy customer. Thanks!Casey TindellCustomer Review August 20, 2013

Date of Service: 8/16/2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Timing belt and water pump replacement on my 1999 Honda Accord

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Will and his crew, Joni provide exceptional customer service. At Navarre Auto Repair, I’ve experienced timely and reliable auto maintenance.Kris HasenbergCustomer Review August 16, 2013

Date of Service: 8/15/2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Brake job and tires

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: Price and repair were the best when comparing around town. Job and price was completed when promised. Not a long wait.

Craig AdamsCustomer Review August 15, 2013

Date of Service: 8/13/13

List Services/Repairs Performed: Oil change

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  I know Will and his wonderful family from school and church, so I felt very comfortable bringing my car to them at Navarre Auto Repair! They are very trustworthy and take excellent care of your car’s needs! I feel like they are honest, friendly, and do an overall great job! Their customer service is wonderful! Thank you to Will, Joni, and the whole crew!Kristen SpenceCustomer Review August 13, 2013

Date of Service: July 23, 2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Replacement of break light switch.

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: I was vacationing in Navarre when I noticed that my break lights on my 08 Chevy Suburban were not working properly. I had the problem identified as a faulty break light switch. I drove to Fort Walton and obtained the part from the Chevy dealership because I was short on time and and took my vehicle to Navarre Auto Repair to have the problem corrected. I spoke with Will and he asked me how long would I be staying In Navarre. I explained to him that I was scheduled to leave in the morning because I had a family emergency back in Texas. Will took the time to put the brake switch on himself and refused to accept payment for the service because he said it was so easy to fix. Thanks Will for being an honest and businessman. I would recommend your repair shop to anyone needing service in Navarre.Cedric NickersonCustomer Review – July 23, 2013

Date of Service: 07/29/2013

List Services/Repairs Performed: Replaced 4 tires and alignment

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: After arriving in Navarre from a drive from Texas, we thought we had a steering problem. We took our Jeep into Will’s shop and discovered it was not steering at all but we needed to replace all four tires. We had to leave the vehicle a couple of day and Will was very helpful in helping us find a rental car. It was very refreshing to find a repair shop where I felt I was in good hands. Also, Will threw in the alignment at no charge. Thank you Will, for being such an honest, hardworking young business man. Many thanks to your great staff also.George HristopoulosCustomer Testimonial – July 29, 2013

Date of Service: 7/25/13

List Services/Repairs Performed: Replaced front wheel bearing.

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: My wife and I just packed up our two small children and were about to drive back to Orlando when I noticed something seriously wrong with my Yukon. Luckily, this occurred a block from the shop. They were obviously very busy but Will recognized my dilemma and left the office to check out my truck personally. He diagnosed the issue quickly and pulled a tech from his current job to help me. He even recommended a nice restaurant around the corner where we could eat while we wait. (Check out Alphy’s. The staff and patrons were exceptionally nice.) He also offered to give us a ride. 90 minutes later I was back on the road with a very serious problem taken care of quickly and with kindness. He had me over a barrel, knowing I was from out of town and stuck, but he even gave me a discount on labor. Not what you would expect. Despite the obvious inconvenience, it was the most pleasurable experience I ever had at a repair shop. Wish I had someone like Will in Orlando.Cori BrittCustomer Review – July 2013

List Services/Repairs Performed:    Shifter Cable Replacement, Belts & Pulley Replacements, New Tires and Aligment

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did:  Being new to the area, I was hoping to find an independent auto repair shop that knowledgeable and responsive with fair pricing – I found that in Navarre Auto Repair.Jeff HymelCustomer Review – June 2013

Two experiences with the folks at Navarre Auto Repair and both were painless. Did a test run by having my oil changed and vehicle inspection done before getting the 100000 maintenance on my 08 Avalanche. I did a drop by for the oil change and inspection. They were honest when they advised me what needed to be done to the truck and the wait time was less than 30 mins out the door. I scheduled the maintenance in advance and had no delay in getting the truck back when promised. I’ll take the truck back here in the future.Don RyanGoogle Review – July 2013

Rating – 3 of 3 Excellent

Review:  This is such a perfect place to take your cars. I love this place because they have so many great services in here and their mechanics are polite.Mary MonteroGoogle Review – June 2013

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Service Performed:   4 new tires and alignment on my 2010 Camaro SS

Review:   Excellent service at such a good price. Friendly people to do business with. Highly recommend Navarre Auto Repair.Cliff HumphreysCustomer Testimonial June 2013

Rating:  5 Stars – Excellent

Review:  Straight and to the point…I think I have been taking my vehicles to Will for the past six or seven years, and I couldn’t be happier.  I am confident that his business is probably the best in the area, and I have recommended his services to friends, acquaintances, and family.  I trust him explicitly, and I intend to continue having him as my mechanic and friend.Mike LadnerCustomer Review – May 2013

I have one of the most demanding schedules you could possibly imagine.  I am a local radio personality and as such I am constantly on the go. From concerts to personal appearances to DJing events and night clubs; basically I get hit with “The Show Must Go On” right in the forehead on a weekly basis.  That schedule puts a severe beating on my vehicle.  I found Navarre Auto Repair by complete accident the first time.  Broke down near the shop, cheapest place to get towed to, etc.

WHAT A BLESSING IT TURNED OUT TO BE.  I have never been more impressed by an auto repair company, EVER. Since the first visit I have return again and again for all my auto needs. (They even fixed my bicycle once hahaha)

Simply put, the best Auto Repair shop you will find in the panhandle. It’s thier honesty and timeliness that stands out the most for me. If there is a way that Will can save you money, he will find it!!

Will, great job my friend!! Keep up the good work. I’m sure I’ll see you again as soon as I find another new way to break my van LOL!!SkiCustomer Review – April 2013

I can’t tell you how happy I am to find a place I can consider “my mechanic”.  I feel like the owner treats customers like family and does what is needed but doesn’t try and get you to pay for unneeded repairs.  Great pricing, fabulous work on my trucks and great customer service.  I won’t go anywhere else!Terry StewartCustomer Review – April 2013

Wow great customer service Dropped my car off this morning to have the oil changed
and my tires replaced and a front end alignment Not only was it done quick it was done at a great price and done right. The cheapest in town but the best in town too. Thanks Navarre auto repair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Doug KennedyCustomer Review – April 2013

Dear Friends & Travelers,

One need only to view the mission statement on NAR’s business card to get the full story…”Quality Work, Honest Prices”…that’s what we received AND MORE!  From the moment of meeting Will and his AMAZING STAFF at NAR we felt all the fear of a major breakdown, hundreds of miles from home, melt away. The “people skills” and customer first attitude of Will and his staff won us over.  Vacation was back to being a vacation! To state that Will and Staff went the extra mile is understated. Their service, accommodations, local connections made even our down time a true pleasure.  As if it were meant to be, we found Family to help us when we were helpless. If anyone reading this review needs confirmation on our experience with Will, Lamont,Terry & Terri SingerCustomer Review – April 2013

I had work done at another shop in Navarre before and was dissatisfied with the results. I was pleased to find a local shop with the ability to fix it right the first time! They quoted me a price and when I arrived to pick up my car, the bill was almost less than half of the estimate! Honest and great people. Thanks Joni, for the prompt service!Reggie CarlisleGoogle Review April 2013

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